Virginia Unmanned Systems Research Project

Hosted by JMU's XLabs, I took part of a 70 student class with  individuals from nine majors and two universities (JMU and ODU). As one of five technical communicators in the class, I took part in two major projects:


  • Digitizing oyster reefs using virtual reality and photogrammetry in conjunction with underwater drones to generate digital models of oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay to help with restoration efforts.

  • Collecting grassland bird data in collaboration with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. My team created a drone and plan-of-action to use the drone footage to locate and quantify grassland bird nest density within the Piedmont region of Virginia.


I took part in researching and producing the technology for both teams, writing speeches and pitches for the products/proposed research techniques, and communicated our journey and findings through sources such as Facebook, blog posts, and formal research papers.


An Advocacy Plan Against Factory Farms (CAFOs)

For my minor in environmental science, most of my research focuses on agriculture and its negative effects on the environment. Although research is helpful in understanding a situation, I am more so interested in solving the situation.


As such, I created an advocacy plan to protest CAFOs and their cruel treatment of the environment, animals, and local communities. 

May 2017

Environmental Writing

Analysis of the Paper & Pulp Industry's Policies

The paper and pulp industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, mostly because of the immense amount of chemicals required for the pulping process. However, the regulation does not require cleaning processes that protect the environment.


To portray the need for further policy, I created a formal presentation and report analyzing the paper industry's current legislation.